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Heating Fuels

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Heating Fuels

Fair Fuel Prices – Always!

Figuring out how to get a fair price on home heating fuel can be confusing. It doesn't have to be! Moyer Indoor | Outdoor guarantees fair fuel prices – always! Below is our Oil Price Observer™ - a live ticker that actually shows the current cost of oil.

The Moyer Oil Price Observer™

That's right - completely transparent pricing information at your fingertips 24 hours a day. Just another example of the Moyer Difference.

Move your cursor over the x-axis to change the time-frame that is shown.

Important Notes About the Oil Price Observer™:

  • On a daily basis there is not necessarily a mirrored correlation between crude and heating oil price movement. It will however trend in the same direction over time.
  • Observing and comparing this trend will allow you to monitor our retail pricing and also to see how your “fixed” or “capped” price program worked for you.
    • Fixed price: When you purchase a fixed number of gallons at a given price for a season.
    • Capped price: When your oil price fluctuates with the market up to a set maximum or capped price.

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Choosing a fuel provider shouldn't be a guessing game that often results in costly mistakes. Our budget plans and price protection guarantees make sure that your home fuel bills stay predictable and as low as possible.

Budget Plan

This convenient plan enables you to pay for your home heating needs in twelve equal monthly installments.


With this popular plan, purchase all of your oil in the summer and lock-in for one fixed price. Our PrePayment customers get reliable deliveries all year-long, plus usually pay a per gallon price lower than those not on our PrePayment plan.

Senior Citizen Discounts

To help our area senior citizens manage their budgets, we offer a discount on qualifying plans. If you are 65 years of age or older, you can take advantage of this money-saving option. Automatic Heating Fuels delivery is covered by our Total Satisfaction Guarantee. To arrange for oil delivery or a burner service contract, contact us today at 215-799-2003 or call toll free at 866-669-3747

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Just finished talking to Mr. Kernan at Moyer regarding my home heating oil account and wanted to let you know that the primary reason I have kept my account with Moyer for the past several years is the outstanding customer service I have received from Mr. Kernan. It is so refreshing to actually have someone return a phone call in a timely manner and have the pertinent information available for a customer to make a knowledgeable decision without being pressured. With so many local oil companies no longer being privately owned and offering accessible customer contact, I am so pleased that Mr. Kernan is available to work with each July when I make my decision regarding a home heating oil company.

At a time when so often all you hear are complaints, I just wanted to let you know that I have only good things to say about the services I have received from your company through Dennis Kernan."


Doylestown, PA

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